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So many things that I wish I could do

Well, Fay thinks we should all post more often, so we are out in front more, especially those of us who don't post a lot; which is basically everyone except for her and Alex.

I guess I have the same problem that Pyrayton (Pi) has, insofar as my options for what I post about are rather limited. I tend to mostly post music and pictures of naked women, but I become rather bored with that.

Man, you know what I miss? I miss photography. I miss going out looking for strange things to take pictures of, and I miss manipulating photos into creepy creepy things. There are so many things we have to do, and I'm hesitant to add anything new (though technically, this is hardly new), but I really miss that. I'm an artist! And my medium is photography. So if Fay really wants me come out more, she'd better take me out photo taking. Because music and naked women are just not enough to fill blog with. Not for me, anyway. I need more. I need self-expression!

Pi has kind of taken over the "creepy poetry" role that I would've been suited to I think. Although my poetry was more experimental creepy. It seems such a goth thing to write creepy poetry, that I'm surprised that I didn't think it. And a bit miffed, too. But that's his thing, I won't take away from him. Still, I need to do something that suits me. Something creative. And something weird.

Fay has her stuff, her spiritual poetry and stuff. She has her writing as well. Pyrayton has his creepy poetry now. Molly has her art work and her poetry and her stories. There's just so much that we have, it's hard to get around to everybody. And since the body is less than cooperative most of the time, it gets really frustrating. Which is why I should get off of the computer as it is time to do our ritual and go to bed. And come to think of it, I'm kind of with Molly on the whole "going to the art museum" business. So here's hoping.

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