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Lolita Leigh Smith
1 July 1982
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My Yahoo! avatarHi. I started out on another site as "Dark Marionette," but that name was already taken here on LJ. So was the other name I wanted, "Luciferrous." Tried doing "Luciferian_chick," noticed too late that the k did not take, so now I look like a community for Luciferian fashion... if there is such a thing.

My name is Lolita Leigh Smith. Don't bother Googling it, you probably won't find me anywhere.

New to the whole Luciferian thing (yeah, back in 2005 *eyeroll*), but not new to the occult. I'm not a fluffy or a spikey or any of that BS. I'm more of a watcher than a talker, but I do like both if the mood strikes me.

I am a Goth and a lesbian as well. But just because I'm a Goth, don't think you know what I'm like. I'm not one of these wanna-be Goths who dress Goth and aren't Goth where it counts, in their hearts. I despise the wanna-be's. I am NOT an emo Goth. I dislike emo Goths.

I think any Goth that can't smile, laugh, and joke around once in a while is most likely a poser or brand-new. Kids, if you're still in your Emo Goth phase, please grow out of it.

As an artist, I take photographs mostly, when I have time and batteries. I sometimes also take graveyard photos, too. I thought it was so sad, some of the tiny gravestones some people had. Some of them had nothing written on them, others had only "mother" or "father" written on them. It sucks.

My art is more complex than just graveyard photos, though. Some of the ideas I haven't brought to reality yet from lack of a model include images of mysterious, scary figures (or mournful figures) far from the center of focus on the camera. And I also like contrasts... one movie I made was of a brand-new sofa done like the film was over a century old. Thank Lucifer for Windows Movie Maker. Now if only I had a digital camcorder.

One last thing... I am also a poet. My poetry is sometimes obvious what it's about, and other times it's an abstraction of something real. I'll post some later and show you. My favorite artists is Anna Gaskell, for her seriously creepy photographs. She seems to love contrasts, too, because the subjects of her photography are also sweet and innocent, but they often look sinister or disturbing for reasons you can't quite put your finger on.

I'm also not, I admit, a genetic female. But just as much female in heart, soul, and mind as those born with XX.

More here, for when I'm ready to tell you.